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Program FAQs

2018/2019 Soccer Program FAQs


  1. Can I play rec and academy?
    Players are only eligible to compete in one program at a time. Each program will have a different focus, and we want players to hear consistent messages; either from a rec, academy, or competitive coach.
  2. Will there be payment options?
    There will be payment options for the Academy and Competitive program. All payments will not be due immediately. There will also be scholarships available.
  3. Which one of these programs is replacing the Challenge teams?
    The Academy Program is replacing Challenge in the 8U-10u ages. The players will see similar competition, but will spend more time preparing for their competitions and the focus of these competitions will be to measure progress- not necessarily wins.
  4. Where do I register?
    Registration is available online at If you have already created an account with us, login and available programs will be displayed. If you have never logged in, you be instructed to create an account and add your children to your account.
  5. I am not sure where my child fits in, who can I talk with to help me with this decision?
    Send an email to our Director of Coaching at [email protected] He will be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance.
  6. Is this more expensive than other clubs nearby or the old Challenge program?
    It is actually less expensive than the traditional way most other MSA clubs run their programs. Some are cheaper, but provide far less player development by trained individuals than IFC. This player development model is intended to develop ALL players, not just the select few athletes who were already "getting it".


  1. When will rec teams practice and play?
    Girls will practice/play on Mondays and Thursdays and boys will practice/play on Tuesday and Thursdays.
  2. Who will coach the rec teams?
    We will continue to use volunteer coaches from our community to coach these teams.
  3. How long will the rec season run?
    The rec season will continue to have 10 games played in the fall and a Spring Rec Academy.
  4. What is the cost to participate in rec?
    The fees for rec are 6U $65.00, 8U $75.00 and 10U and up $95.00
  5. What do the fees include?
    Fees include all SPRD fees, player fees, referee fees, uniform cost, and the cost of a ball.


  1. What is Impact FC Academy?
    The Impact FC Development Academy is for 8U - 10U players who are interested in learning soccer from world-class trainers. Each training session will be run in a fun, exciting manner and players are expected to come ready to focus and work hard.
  2. What makes Academy different from Recreational teams?
    The primary focus of the Academy Program is simple: Individual player development. We want to provide appropriate training for all members of the Academy. Instead of having set “teams” where players play and compete with and against the same players day in and day out, our coaches create the training groups to provide the players with the appropriate level of competition and success that each player needs to maximize development and enjoyment of the game. Players will be developed individually to perform in a number of team situations or dynamics. Players will be placed in different and multiple positions to ensure they understand the game from multiple vantage points. All players will spend a significant portion of each session working on ball mastery to again ensure that they are easily able to adapt because of their confidence with the ball at their feet. This program offers a more intensified training curriculum than offered in our recreational program. This part of the program serves as a great introduction and preparation for competitive soccer.
  3. Is Academy just for elite players?
    No. If you are interested in learning excellence in soccer, then you belong in the Impact FC program. The Program is designed to develop the individual player’s skills. We encourage ANY player who has a strong desire to learn the skills to play soccer at a higher level to register for our Academy.  You (or your child’s) current playing level does not matter. We ask that all players come to each training session equipped with ears ready to listen and an attitude geared toward working hard. Coaches do have the right to suspend any player that is found to hold the group back because of behavioral issues. However we will never alienate a player because of ability.
  4. When will we know the travel dates for the Academy teams?
    The Academy schedule will be available closer to the beginning of the season in September.
  5. What will the practice days be for the Academy?
    The Academy days in the past have been Mondays and Thursdays. These days and times will be set by the end of summer 2017.
  6. What is the season’s time frame?
    The Academy season will be (10) weeks for U8s, late August through early November. The U9 and U10 Academy will have a (12) week season and it will extend from September to mid-November. The competitive year will be broken into two seasons; fall and spring. The Fall season will officially start after team camp in July and extend through November. The spring season will begin in mid-January and extend through May.
  7. Who will coach the Academy teams?
    Academy coaches will be appointed by the DOC with approval from the Executive Council.
  8. How many tournaments will these teams play?
    There is not a definite answer just yet as clubs are still posting their tournaments. The Impact academy will also participate in the two tournaments hosted by SSA and Impact Football Club.
  9. What are the costs to play on an Academy team?
    8U Academy fees are $350.00, and 9U/10U are $450.00. Fees will be made in 3 installments.
  10. What will the fees include?
    Fees will include a player's pass, coaching fees and State League/tournament registrations. Each player will be required to purchase an Impact FC uniform from our online store.


  1. What if my child does not make a competitive team?
    If your 11U or 12U player does not make a competitive team they will be eligible to play on an Academy Division 2 team. This is contingent on the number of players in the same situation.
  2. What If I do not want my 11U and up child to play competitive, are there other options?
    If you do not want to participate in competitive play after 11U you can participate in Recreational soccer.
  3. When will I know the travel dates for the competitive teams?
    There will be a tentative schedule with number of tournaments slated for each competitive team at try-outs and a solidified tournament schedule available at team camp. Clubs are still finalizing their tournaments schedules, but the schedules will be set by team camp.
  4. When will competitive teams practice?
    Each competitive team will practice multiple times per week and the schedule will be determined by the team coach and SSA DOC.
  5. Who will coach the competitive teams?
    All Impact FC coaches are licensed and have high playing or coaching experience and will be under the supervision of the Director of Coaching.
  6. What is the difference between Competitive and Academy?
    What separates Academy and Competitive is the difference of age and focus. The academy's focus will be to equip individual players at a young age for the demands of competitive soccer. The competitive program has more emphasis on team results and accomplishments. Our mission for the academy is to build competent future teammates.
  7. How many times a week will these teams practice and what is the required number to attend?
    Each competitive team will have two mandatory practices each week. Coaches need one day’s notice of players’ absence. Coaches plan sessions assuming all available players will be there.
  8. How many tournaments will these teams play?
    There is not a definite answer just yet as clubs are still posting their tournaments.
  9. What is the cost to participate on an Impact FC competitive team?
    This information will be released at tryouts. Fees will be paid monthly.
  10. What will the fees include?
    Players passes, uniforms, coaching fees, club fees, and registration.

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